Monday, September 12, 2022

The Big Sway - "Within My Reach"

Photo by Joe MacFadzen

Boston's The Big Sway have released a new single that fits right into their psychedelic punk sound. "Within My Reach" has all of the edge of punk while being impossibly trippy. The new song also has a shocking amount of funk to it. Besides just being a loud rock song that you can pogo to, at times "Within My Reach" has some serious groove. It's oddly reminding me of earlier Primus, back when they were less high minded, but also a less metal version of that sound. That's not to say that The Big Sway aren't doing the art rock thing here. "Within My Reach" is this perfect melding of punk, heavy psychedelia, and art rock.

Joe MacFadzen (bass, vocals) says of the new single:

Within My Reach is a song about overcoming personal demons. A major turning point in my life was when I decided to quit drinking alcohol. These lyrics were written in the foggy, confused months prior to making that decision. I remember them being very difficult to write, and also, at the time, not quite knowing what they were about. It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized the lyrics were an attempt to find a way out of that terrible mental place I was in because of my relationship with alcohol. After making this retrospective realization about the meaning of the lyrics, the idea for the video came together, and we all worked on the story as a team, each drawing ideas from our own personal journeys of self improvement. It was one of the most fun videos for us to make because we were all finally able to get together again after the pandemic, and go play in the woods and make some art. It made us all feel like kids again."

You can watch the video for "Within My Reach" below. For more on The Big Sway, check out the band's website.

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