Wednesday, September 7, 2022

SMALL - "Coyote"

Photo by Lola Scott

I don't equate Atlanta with grunge, but SMALL could very well change that. The latest from the grunge punk quartet is this incredible out of control sounding noisy rocker that has an unexpected side filled with pop hooks. It's how catchy "Coyote" is that makes it truly great. As discordant as the song can be at times, it's going to suck you in to the point that it's guaranteed to get stuck in your head. The centerpiece of the song is Samm Severin's vocals. Severin's vocals go through almost the entire song in an almost spoken word rant that feels almost improvised in how raw and emotional it is. SMALL are doing something truly special with this one, and you're going to want to jump on board.

In a press release, Samm Severin talks about her band:

“Everything with SMALL is an aggrandizement of the feminine. The masculine is usually credited with being more proactive, aggressive, violent; but this is also inherent in the feminine experience. Naming the band SMALL—all caps—alludes to the nature of the feminine to shrink to make space for the masculine in a gender binary. The name also reflects the way our inner feminine self shrinks to make room for our inner masculine self. It’s the idea of this large, violent feminine that’s in turmoil and experiences pain in a very deep, connected–to-the-Earth sort of way, and how the fury that lies within that has been softened and flattened to flowers and bows.”

You can listen to "Coyote" below. Decathexis is due out September 30 on Triphouse Records. For more on SMALL, check out the band's Bandcamp.

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