Tuesday, September 13, 2022

How Tragic - "Goodbye Cruel World"

Photo by Kirsten Bode

How Tragic is described as "post-riot grrrl," and you're going to recognize that sound as soon as you start listening to their latest single. "Goodbye Cruel World" is an eco-punk song that has all of the attitude and snarl of punk rock, but softened around the edges. Sure, it has a but of a pop sheen on it, but it's more of a 1950's girl group pop sound than anything modern. Plus, it has a killer punk rock guitar solo for a bridge, which then leads the song into a more mid-tempo punk rocker while still having that Wall of Sound sheen over it. If a mixture of punk, riot grrrl, and doo wop sounds like a good time to you, you're going to love "Goodbye Cruel World" even if the song is tragically depressing.

Songwriter/singer/guitarist Paige Campbell says of the new song:

“The world is burning, the ship is sinking, and people are like ‘what’s the point in even trying anymore?’ It feels like we can’t do anything to help; it feels like there’s no point in trying; it feels like we don’t know who to believe and what is the truth. There’s a special place for people who still have the fight left in them, and this is their song.”

You can watch the video for "Goodbye Cruel World" below. For more on How Tragic, check out the band's website.

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