Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kingsley Flood Have a Unique PledgeMusic Campaign

Boston's Kingsley Flood are holding a PledgeMusic campaign, which may just be the first of its kind. Typically, a band will start a crowdsource campaign for a particular project, like an album or tour. Kingsley Flood are asking fans to support them for a year. It will help them do everything a band does: writing, recording, releasing, touring, etc.

Of course, a crowdsourced campaign doesn't count unless there are rewards. They start the very basic $10, which gets you access to videos, private updates, and a digital download of their most recent album, "Live at the Armory." For $30 you get the extra content plus your choice of t-shirt and signed cd (which really is a bargain, even without extra content). If you're a fan of the band, these smaller donations are no brainers since they get you albums and other merch you want anyway for a reasonable price. There are also more unique options, such as a private house concert for $1500 or watching wrestling with Travis, the drummer, for $100.

For more information, check out Kingsley Flood's PledgeMusic page. You can also find out more about the band on their website.

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