Monday, April 23, 2018

Rat Scabies - "Chew On You"

Despite being actively musically since leaving The Damned back in 1996, Rat Scabies has never gone the solo artist route. That changes next month when he releases his first ever solo album. Judging from the lead single, "Chew On You," Scabies is avoiding the typical singer/songwriter country/folk solo artist route. "Chew On You" is a rocking garage punk blast, filled with amped up buzzsaw guitars and crashing drums. It's loud, and noisy, and not the kind of song you usually hear from an artist that's been making music for forty years. 

You can listen to "Chew On You" below. P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Death), the first solo album from Rat Scabies, is due out May 18 on Cleopatra Records. You can pre-order a physical copy through Cleopatra Records and digitally on Bandcamp. For more on Rat Scabies, follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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