Monday, April 23, 2018

Belly - "Starryeyed"

To say we're excited for the release of Belly's first album since 1995's King is an understatement. The Belly reunion feels more like an organic reunion than a cash grab, and the new music they've been releasing reflects that. Their latest single, "Starryeyed," is an absolutely gorgeous alternative ballad. It is fairly similar to Tanya Donelly's more recent solo work, but it still has that Belly edge to it, while still being soft and beautiful. Without looking at the track list for Dove, "Starryeyed" sounds like the closing song for an early/mid 90's alternative album. (If you were around back then, you know exactly what that sounds like.)

You can listen to "Starryeyed" below. Dove, the first Belly album in 23 years, will be out May 4. For more on Belly, check out their website.

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  1. The first sentence needs corrected to read, "This is their first album since 1995's King..." (not Dove).