Monday, February 25, 2019

Lenore. - "Thick Skin, Tender Heart"

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Back in 2017 we became enamored with the Gothic style folk from Portland, OR's Lenore. They're back with a new single that was recorded for the Ray Romano/Mark Duplass Netflix film Paddleton. Lenore. might seem like an odd choice for a film starring Ray Romano, but considering it's about assisted suicide, our favorite "witchy-folk" artists are the perfect choice. "Thick Skin, Tender Heart" is a bit more mainstream than their normal output. It's incredibly lush and gorgeous, but it's still Lenore., so the song has a dark feel along its edges. The string arrangements that take the place of the typical guitar solo are particularly glorious. 

You can listen to "Thick Skin, Tender Heart" below. For more on Lenore., check out their website.

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