Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Listen: New Releases for November 5

Another slow week for those uninterested in pseudo-comeback albums from your favorite white rapper from high school/college. We'll avoid that in favor of a few others:

Midlake - Antiphon: Midlake is back after a while with Antiphon. I got into Midlake thanks to an Amie Street sale way back when, and they are a deceptively complex indie rock/folk group with an extremely recognizable sound. No song jumps out at me as something above and beyond for Antiphon, but no single Midlake song ever has for me. They've always been an album experience, and this is no different. I'm not sure if I like it or love it or I'm just glad it's there, but it's one of the highlights of the week.

Cut Copy - Free Your Mind: I am embarrassed because I thought Cut Copy was Hot Chip (of "Ready for the Floor" fame), and they're not. In a way, I might actually like Cut Copy more based off a first listen of this album, which is 80s electro-pop done right with some catchy melodies and dance beats. A pretty solid release that has me thinking about their back catalog as well.

That's all we've got this week, folks.

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