Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Magik Markers - "Bonfire"

I had kind of forgotten about Magik Markers, kind of assuming they had broken up a few years ago. I first discovered them opening for the first Dinosaur Jr reunion tour back in 2005. Back then, they played a 20 minute set consisting of exactly one free form song.
Photo credit Art-Utility
"Bonfire" is a complete departure from that era of Magik Markers, seeing as the video clocks in at 2 minutes, 40 seconds. They lost a bit of their charm for me once they started releasing traditional albums with, you know, songs, I got over that relatively quickly and embraced their newer material. "Bonfire" is about as mainstream as Magik Markers can get, being the catchiest noise rock I've heard possibly ever. Drums an frontwoman Elisa Ambrogio's vocals take the forefront which results in something you can almost dance to.

Magik Markers' new album, Surrender to Fantasy, comes out on 11/19. Head on over to their page on Drag City Records' website for more details.

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