Friday, December 18, 2015

Ken's Top 10 of 2015 - #1 - Lady Lamb - After

My love for Lady Lamb's music is very well established here. Ripely Pine, from back when she went by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, was my favorite album of 2013, plus I've reviewed two live shows just this year alone

After is a bit more accessible than Ripely Pine, but that's not a bad thing. There are still the layers within songs that made me love Ripely Pine, plus multiple tempo changes and complete swerves halfway through a song. But this album feels like something everyone but your most top 40 listening friends could appreciate. Just listen to "Violet Clementine" for an example of this. It just keeps progressively changing from a quirky folk song to a bizarro indie rocker. Plus, if you know anyone that can hear "Billions of Eyes" without instantly loving it, you need to stop talking to that person. 

If you haven't, please check out Lady Lamb's After below.

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