Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jeff's Top 10 of 2015 - #4: Screaming Females - Rose Mountain

My #4 of this year is Rose Mountain by Screaming Females.

I was surprised when I listened to this, not only because it was better than I anticipated, but also because it had a sense of polish and completeness that their previous albums lacked. This is a brash, confident album that really works on all levels as a cohesive whole. Even still, songs like "Wishing Well" or "Empty Head" successfully stand on their own as well, resulting in an album that just has a lot of solid pieces to go with its straightforward delivery.

In terms of a basic rock album, it's the best one of the year and it's not even close for me. Nothing else from this genre impressed me as much as Rose Mountain did, and Marissa Paternoster's work on other albums (both from a production and songwriting standpoint) makes a strong case that she might be my favorite musician of the year. Regardless, listen to the album streaming below:

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