Monday, December 14, 2015

Ken's Top 10 of 2015 - #5 - Colleen Green - I Want to Grow Up

For her 2015 album, I Want to Grow Up, Colleen Green lost some of the lo-fi noise of her previous recordings and went for a more full, produced sound. That can sometimes be the signs of a disaster, and after the first listen, I was a little bit disappointed. A few months later, I stumbled across the title track "I Want to Grow Up," immediately loved it, and was shocked to rediscover it was Colleen Green. Sometimes you need to listen to a song blindly without the artist's back catalog to realize how great it is.

I Want to Grow Up mixes 90s noise with 60s doo wop quite a bit, kind of like a smoother version of Jemina Pearl's solo work. The song "I Want to Grow Up" starts off faurly quietly, and then evolves into the greatest power pop noisy rocker recorded in the past 20 years with an honest to goodness guitar solo. The title of the album is also a recurring theme throughout, with most songs about self improvement and leaving your bad habits aside. The song "Things That Are Bad for Me" is broken up into two parts. It also contains the greatest ode to TV ever recorded, "TV." My inner 12 year old relates to that song far more than I would care to admit.

You can stream I Want to Grow Up below via Spotify.

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