Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Magic Shoppe - "City Alight (Yeah)"

"City Alight (Yeah)," the first single from Boston's Magic Shoppe's upcoming EP, is the very best kind of psychedelic rock. It's the kind of psychedelia that both the indie rock fans and the hippies can like. It's trippy as hell, but has this weird sense of darkness behind it. With its swirling guitars, it sounds like if shoegaze was filled with hippies. It also reminds me a lot of The Beatles' "Within You Without You" minus the sitars.

Interstellar Car Crash is due out on February 5. You can listen to "City Alight (Yeah)" below, and be sure to check out Magic Shoppe's Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter for more information. They also have a few tour dates below the song.

Feb 03, Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA
Feb 04, Palisades, Brooklyn, NY

Feb 06, Great Scott, Allston, MA

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