Friday, January 29, 2016

The Dead Milkmen - "Song With No Name"

One of my favorite things about this digital age that's supposedly killing music is when one of my favorite bands throws a song up out of nowhere. Yesterday, The Dead Milkmen put out "Song With No Name." According to a Facebook post, "Song With No Name" was recorded back in 1992 during the sessions for what became Not Richard But Dick. It's a demo, but a pretty good recording for a demo. Sung by Joe Jack Talcum, it fits right into the poppier sound The Milkmen were experimenting with during their time on Hollywood Records.

You can listen to "Song With No Name" below. To keep track of The Dead Milkmen's actics, be sure to like them on Facebook.


  1. Total brain fart while writing this. Sorry!

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