Friday, January 8, 2016

The Dazies - L O V E / J O Y EP

I first heard of The Dazies when they were booked to play my last ever show at TT the Bear's place. I had never heard the name, and I wondered how they ended up with the post Evan Dando timeslot. It ended up being one guy with a guitar, and he played a couple quick acoustic songs and was done. 

Well, turns out that guy was M. Holland, the former drummer of Mean Creek. The Dazies are his power pop project, and it turns out they are virtually perfect. Their band bio is the thing music bloggers love because it lets us avoid being clever: "Drummer extraordinaire M. Holland taking a break from smashing drums and focusing on smashing your little heart to pieces with power-pop gold." 

On their L O V E / J O Y EP, they have three songs that are perfect Big Star-style power pop. "Hi-Frequency Wire" and "Idiot" are furious, happy little ditties, while "What You Do to Me" is the kind of ballad that hasn't existed in 40 years. 

To check out L O V E / J O Y EP, head on over to The Dazies' Bandcamp. They also have a Facebook, and you can listen to "Hi-Frequency Wire" below. If you happen to be in the Cambridge, MA area, they play The Middle East on January 13, and then a Wednesday night residency at The Plough and Stars.

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