Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mountain Man Covers John Denver

John Denver has never exactly been my jam, but we've been loving Mountain Man here for years, so when Mountain Man announced they were releasing a two song single of John Denver covers, I had to at least check it out. (We do love covers...) As the band announced on Facebook: "WE love John Denver so much we gave Alex his haircut, and recorded a few of his legendary tunes too. Have a listen! They are so sooooothing, we promise." The songs definitely are soothing, but to me they feel more Mountain Man than John Denver (I think?). "Take Me Home, Country Roads" is exactly what we love about Mountain Man: quiet, almost delicate, perfect folk with beautiful harmonies. "Around and Around" is more of the same, and both songs have me debating if I'm really a non-fan of John Denver. Probably not, but let's not take any chances here...

You can listen to Mountain Man's take on "Take Me Home, Country Roads" below. You can order your vinyl or download your copy of Sings John Denver here. For more on Mountain Man, check out their website.

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