Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Lauren Ruth Ward Covers The Divinyls

I feel bad bringing you the cover since Lauren Ruth Ward has also released a fantastic new original song, but covers are one of our favorite things here at If It's Too Loud..., so...

In an email to fans, Lauren Ruth Ward explains that she's friends with Billy Steinberg, co-writer of The Divinyls legendary song "I Touch Myself." He put her in touch with Divinyls guitarist Mark McEntee, and Ward's cover of "I Touch Myself" was born! Ward's version of alternative singer/songwriter music that you can dance to is custom made for a Divinyls cover, and this might be the most spot on cover we've ever brought you. Sure, it helps to have the original guitarist along for the ride, but Ward does "I Touch Myself" perfectly without any sense of irony, just reverence for the original classic.

You can watch the video for Lauren Ruth Ward's version of "I Touch Myself" below. You should also check out her new original song "Valhalla" while you're at it. For more on Lauren Ruth Ward, check out her website

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