Thursday, April 11, 2019

Chelsea Paolini - Medicine Cabinet

Hailing from Portsmouth, NH, Chelsea Paolini writes on her Bandcamp bio that she's a "... guitarist , electric and some acoustic .songwriter about love, life and weird problems. kind of a singer." She's definitely correct, as her latest EP, Medicine Cabinet, has some absolutely killer guitar work, which seems rare for a mostly pop record. By pop, we don't mean modern Swiss produced pop, but 90's alternative power pop. Paolini is definitely  a rock artist at heart, no matter how catchy these songs get. And they are certainly catchy in their own little awkward way. As for Paolini's claim that she's "kind of a singer," we have to agree, but we mean that in the best possible way. Paolini isn't the kind of singer that would ever make it on a big televised competition, and she's certainly not a traditionally great singer. However, she has her own really unique and interesting voice that will force itself into you with an insane amount of charm.

You can listen to "FM Radio" below. Medicine Cabinet, the newest EP from Chelsea Paolini, is currently available on her Bandcamp. For more on Chelsea Paolini, check out her Facebook.

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