Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Michael Nau - "No Quit"

The latest single from Michael Nau is a very pleasant listen. It's the kind of song you can just put on in the background and go about your workday, half paying attention to it. But if you really take time and pay attention to it, listening becomes such a rewarding experience.

With "No Quit," the first thing you'll notice is the guitar. It's fuzzy without being noisy. Nau's vocals have the same quality, like the song is being filtered through a haze. "No Quit" is definitely a soul song, but unlike most soul music, the vocals aren't being held on a pedestal and highlighted. It's chilled out soul vocals. "No Quit" is heavy on a psychedelic feel, but a relaxed psychedelic feel and not a tripped out, acid heavy feel. Like I said, this would be an easy song to just put on in the background, but when you actually pay attention to it, it's filled with such a reward.

You can listen to "No Quit" below. The single is available now on Karma Chief Records/Colemine records. For more on Michael Nau, check him out on Facebook. Current tour dates are below the song.

Apr 12 Chattanooga -  The Signal
Apr 13 North Charleston -  High Water Festival

Apr 14 North Charleston -  High Water Festival
Apr 14 Raleigh -  The Ritz
Apr 16 Richmond -  The National
Apr 17 Norfolk -  The NorVA
Apr 19 Asheville -  Highland Brewing Company
Apr 20 Atlanta -  Tabernacle
Apr 22 Nashville -  Ryman Auditorium
May 3 Winooski -  Waking Windows
May 3 Portsmouth -  3S Artspace
May 4 Winooski  - Waking Windows
May 5 Winooski  - Waking Windows

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