Friday, April 26, 2019

Sarah Bethe Nelson - "Paralyzed Waltz"

Photo by Jennifer Lewis
San Francisco's Sarah Bethe Nelson is back with a new single and it continues her own unique version of interesting indie rock. "Paralyzed Waltz" is charmingly lo-fi and minimalist, but it has a full sound, and is as groovy as can be. It sounds like it could be a long lost demo to something out of the 60's. The minimalist feel is definitely intentional. Instead of working with a full band on her upcoming album, Weird Glow was recorded with just her long time collaborator Rusty Miller in the studio. Nelson says about the song (and this is one of my favorite artist quotes in a long time...):  "Paralyzed Waltz is loosely about how people perceive you so differently than you perceive yourself and how both of those perceptions are probably wrong. And part of it is just about having a crush on a guy with a broken front tooth." 

You can listen to "Paralyzed Waltz" below. Weird Glow will be out June 28 on Burger Records via streaming services and on CD, cassette, and limited edition vinyl. For more on Sarah Bethe Nelson, check out her website.

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  1. As good as (if not even better than) I've come to expect from Sarah Bethe!