Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Prescott Park Art Festival's 2019 Season is Already Fantastic

I've been praising Prescott Park Arts Festival since the very beginning of If It's Too Loud... They always book a bunch of artists we love, and there's just something great about watching a world class artist play for a $7.00 donation on the Portsmouth, NH waterfront in the summer. It's especially great since a lot of artists they book tend to normally charge more than I'm comfortable paying for a concert. In the past I've seen Carolina Chocolate Drops, Nikki Lane, Deer Tick, David Wax Museum, Shovels & Rope, Steve Earle, and Mavis Staples here, and every show is always a highlight of my summer.

This year year they've only announced three shows so far, but all three could easily be the highlights of the entire season:

Jenny Lewis: June 16
Drive-By Truckers: June 30
Conor Oberst: July 17

For more information on the Prescott Park Arts Festival, be sure to check out their website.

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