Monday, June 1, 2020

Tanya Donelly and Will Dailey Cover "Dream a Little Dream of Me"

For this week's Sunday Series, Tanya Donelly knocks it out of the park. I'll let her explain this week's cover:

Week #7 brings a beautiful lullaby, and one of the most thoroughly covered songs ever written. I heard it first from Mama Cass on her very great album “Bubblegum, Lemonade &... Something For Mama“, one of my own mama’s favorite records when I was still toddling. 100 years later, I sang it with my friend Will Dailey at a show curated by our mutual friend (and Will’s longtime drummer/collaborator)) Dave Brophy, the theme of the night being rock singers singing jazz standards. So when this one was suggested as a cover for this series by my dear pal Vicky Salipande (and few after her), I immediately thought of Will as guest artist. He is one of my favorite collaborators and hangs ~ crazy talented, and a big heart of gold.
Every week (and always) I’m blown away by the tracks Joe and Russell send me, and this week is particularly over-the-moon beautiful. Our bonus track this week is an instrumental version of this same song, because I want you to hear it. (And give you space to sing it yourself.)

Tanya Donelly and Will Dailey do a gloriously gorgeous rendition of "Dream a Little Dream of Me." It may seem impossible, but for those of us that first came across the song with Mickey Thomas's extremely dated version from the 1989 Corey Haim and Corey Feldman movie Dream a Little Dream, you'll know that bad versions are possible. For all fans of Donelly and Dailey, you already know how great their version will be. It's even better.

You can listen to Tanya Donelly and Will Dailey's version of "Dream a Little Dream of Me" below. The song is available on Tanya Donelly's Bandcamp. This week proceeds of the song will go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. For more on Tanya Donelly, check her out on Facebook and Twitter. For Will Dailey, check out his website.

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