Friday, June 19, 2020

Jeb Bush Orchestra - "Space & Time"

Boston's Jeb Bush Orchestra play mostly instrumental funk, but on their latest single they included some vocals. "Space & Time" is ridiculously fun. Usually when a band is "forged in the basements of the Allston DIY scene," they play noise rock or beer soaked sloppy punk. Jeb Bush Orchestra are pure funk. It's the kind of music that can get dangerously cheesy and be stuck in the on campus college bar scene, but these guys are incredibly talented and you can just tell that this is the style of music they love and need to play. When a band loves something this much and is experiencing this much joy playing it, it's infectious. Let your music snob self relax a bit, and just allow yourself to enjoy "Space & Time."

You can listen to "Space & Time" below. The song will be included on Greatest Hits Vol. II, the upcoming album from Jeb Bush Orchestra. For more on Jeb Bush Orchestra, check out their website.

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