Friday, June 12, 2020

The Dead Milkmen - "King of Sick"

Photo via Facebook
Today marks the tenth anniversary of the very first time I ever saw The Dead Milkmen, so it's quite fitting that I can bring you new music from them today! "King of Sick" is more synth-heavy than you'd expect, but has all of the attitude of a standard Dead Milkmen song. Of course, any song with the word sick in its title that also mentions germs is going to certainly seem COVID-19 inspired these days. But for those of us that have been craving new music from the Dead Milkmen, "King of Sick" definitely helps tide us over. The current world climate needs more music like this.

You can listen to "King of Sick" below. The song is available on 19 NOTES ON A BROKEN SYSTEM, a benefit compilation featuring all Philadelphia bands and benefiting Amistad Law Project and Philadelphia Community Bail Fund. It also features The Ramoms doing "Gritty is a Punk," which you truly must hear. You can get a copy here. For more on The Dead Milkmen, check out their website.

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