Monday, October 9, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 29 September 2023

A late entry for the holiday, however you choose to celebrate. Last Friday's releases coming later...

Artist: Cherry Glazerr
Album: I Don't Want You Anymore
Quick Thoughts: It's been four years since the last album, "Wasted Nun" and all, and I've been anticipating where the band goes next ever since. Some interesting one-off singles and guest spots have bridged the gap, but this new full-length is perhaps their most accessible in some time. There are a lot of layers to this one while also providing a number of memorable tracks as well. Glad they're back, check it out.
Songs of Note: "Ready for You," "Soft Like a Flower," "Wild Times," "Shattered," "I Don't Want You Anymore"

Artist: Meatraffle
Album: Base and Superstructure
Quick Thoughts: Meatraffle's been around for a while, but they're new to me. This British act has a Blur/Dandy Warhols tendency to dabble in a variety of genres and themes, but it all works as a cohesive whole nonetheless. "Lovesong Industrial Complex" is absolutely my song of the moment in particular, but if you like some serious-but-not-really rock music, give this a spin.
Songs of Note: "Lovesong Industrial Complex," "Posh People in Pop," "Mannaggia La Miseria"

Artist: Gunship
Album: Unicorn
Quick Thoughts: The retrowave trend keeps on keeping on, and Gunship's addition to the canon is definitely one of the purer vibes on the list. Unicorn is just that - a synth-heavy, reverb-drenched affair with a lot of memorable moments and a thematic basis that keeps up with the feel of the album on a whole. I loved this, and it deserves to be up there with Dara Jean Phoenix, Kavinsky and Carpenter Brut as the standard-bearers of the genre.
Songs of Note: "Monster in Paradise," "Taste Like Venom," "Nuclear Date Night," "Holographic Heart," "Blood for the Blood God"

Artist: Seablite
Album: Lemon Lights
Quick Thoughts: I wanted to give some notice to Seablite, a shoegazey dream pop band out of San Francisco. Their second album, and first for me, is a gorgeous listen with so many catchy hooks and plenty of overall charm to go around. I loved this album this week, and it's absolutely worth your time.
Songs of Note: "Melancholy Molly," "Hit the Wall," "Drop of Kerosene," "Frozen Strawberries," "Laughing Sounds," "Faded"

Artist: Blood Command
Album: World Domination
Quick Thoughts: Blood Command is not my typical thing, being a screamy metal group. However, there's something a little special about this in that it leans into a pop angle that works for them in ways it only sometimes works for others. This isn't Babymetal, it's more like what Poppy thinks she is? Regardless, it was one of the more compelling listens of the week and you'll know relatively quickly if it's your thing.
Songs of Note: "Heaven's Hate," "The Plague on Both Your Houses," "Keep My Seat Warm," "Burn Again"

Of note:

* thanks for coming - What Is My Capacity to Love?
* The Orb and David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres in Colour
* Steven Wilson - The Harmony Codex
* Meredith Lane - Greyhound
* Ilykimchi - agony
* The Atom Age - The Atom Age
* Datarock - Media Consumption Pyramid
* Nihiloxica - Source of Denial
* Lord of the Isles and Ellen Renton - My Noise is Nothing
* Islet - Soft Fascination
* Thank You, I'm Sorry - Growing in Strange Places
* ORKA - All At Once
* The Julies - Always & Always
* oqbqbo and Scandanavian Star - Water Tiger
* Chocolate Hills - Yarns from the Chocolate Triangle
* Oh Land - Loop Soup
* Loryn Taggart - The Lost Art of Pulling Through
* MALKA - Anatomy of Sight
* Molly Burch - Daydreamer
* Kurt Baker - Rock 'N' Roll Club
* ABADIR - Ison
* mouse on the keys - Pointillism
* Pacifica - Freak Scene
* The Sextones - Love Can't Be Borrowed
* Wilco - Cousin
* Dash Rush - Contemplating
* Say She She - Silver
* Lucia and the Best Boys - Burning Castles
* Oneohtrix Point Never - Again
* Blonde Redhead - Sit Down for Dinner
* Duster - Remote Echoes
* Modern Nature - No Fixed Point in Space
* HONEYMOAN - Sorry Like You Mean It
* Teen Idle - Nonfiction
* The Vaughns - Egg Everything
* KMRU - Dissolution Grip
* Blush Always - You Deserve Romance
* Dale Hollow - Hack of the Year
* Crush of Souls - (A)Void Love
* Penny Bored - What If? As If!
* Eric Hilton and Natalia Clavier - Corazon Kintsugi
* Slow Pulp - Yard


* hemlocke springs - going...going...GONE!
* Mel 4Ever - She Culture.1
* Sadlands - Sadlands
* Career Woman - Grapevine
* Joy Orbison - archive 09-10
* Fearing - Destroyer
* Jlin - Perspective
* The Popguns - POPISM
* Kepla - In Furnace
* Setting - Shone a Rainbow Light On
* Slaney Bay - Why Does Love Mean Loss?
* Goldie Boutiller - White Limo Stuck in the Snow
* Katie Alice Greer - More Barbarism
* Girl Scout - Granny Music

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* mui zyu - Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century (Master Rabbit Tape Variations)
* beabadoobee - Live in London

Also out:

* Armand Hammer and billy woods - We Buy Diabetic Test Strips
* Flooding - Silhouette Machine
* Animal Collective - Isn't It Now?
* Maggot Heart - Hunger
* Melenas - Ahora

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