Friday, October 27, 2023

The Problem With Kids Today - "What Else Could I Say"

Photo by Sam Carlson

Hailing from New Haven, CT, The Problem With Kids Today are an indie punk band, but one that defies the stereotypes of that genre. Their latest single, "What Else Could I Say," has a little more of a vintage garage rock sound. That is more due to the heavy use of 60's style keyboards in the song more than a fuzz to the guitar. In fact, the guitar has a very clean sound to it, which is surprising for both garage rock and indie punk. The most traditional punk aspect of the song are the vocals. "The Great" Tate Brooks' vocal style is somewhere between a chant and a yelp, and The Problem With Kids Today utilize liberal gang vocals on "What Else Could I Say." The song is pretty straightforward for an indie punk song, but it's of the wall for garage rock.

Tate Brooks says of his band's new song:

"'What Else Can I Say' is an indie punk anthem, written out of frustration both metaphorically and literally. It broke us out of a writer’s block and set the bar for the rest of the album."

You can watch the video for "What Else Could I Say" below. Born to Rock is due out February 9. For more on The Problem With Kids Today, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram. If you're in New England, they'll be playing October 28 at Three Sheets in New Haven, CT and December 15 at JJ's Tavern in Northampton, MA.

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