Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Live Shows: Class President, Tysk Tysk Task, Jiddo, and I Love Cheeseburgers, The Overlook, Lowell, MA 10/28/23

Halloween weekend is always one filled with more events than anyone could possibly attend, and this year was no exception. Seeing as Tysk Tysk Task was playing their hometown of Lowell, and they were playing The Overlook, a venue I really like but haven't made it out to in far too long, that made the decision easy. It worked out perfectly, as I discovered three more bands I ended up really enjoying.

First up was I Love Cheeseburgers. A side project of Burp., they played a short set of heavier rock than you get with Burp. Burp. are already noisy pop punk, but I Love Cheeseburgers were an even noisier version of that. It was if you combined Warped Tour pop punk with grunge, and then just went wild with that. Their set was a little too short to truly judge, but I'm looking forward to getting to check them out again.

Jiddo opened, and just... wow. They're a band from Worcester playing post-hardcore. Their set was filled with these ridiculously loud songs that are just shy of being accessible to music normies. I had checked out their song "New Mombasa Orbital Elevator" before Saturday night, and was still just absolutely floored by Jiddo. They were like a brilliant combination of The Jesus Lizard and Mission of Burma, but a little more straightforward than either of those. Expect to see more about them here as often as possible.

Next came Tysk Tysk Task. I've seen them live more times than I care to admit to, but each performance ends up being different than the one before it. Now playing as a four piece, Samantha Hartsel's band has added Rick Martel as a second guitarist which has created a completely new dynamic. It's interesting to hear the two guitar interplay of favorites like "Flies" and "Contagion," but it really shines on the newer, unreleased songs. "Shrine" in particular is a song I can't wait to watch evolve with it's dark shoegaze meets grunge vibe. There's not many bands that I feel inclined to see every time I can, but Tysk Tysk Task are that rare band.

Class President closed out the show and were the most pop band to play that night. (They called themselves a pop band, and I only think they were by comparison.) They have a really cool sound that is more poppy than pure pop. It was modern indie rock with vocals that almost sound like they came from the 1960's. You don't typically get melodies like this from an indie rock band, so Class President were a pleasant surprise. They also dusted off a song about getting murdered in the woods since it was a Halloween show and all. 

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