Thursday, October 5, 2023

DijahSB - "How R U?"

Photo by Vonny Lorde

Toronto's DijahSB has a sound that is reminiscent of old school hip hop while still being modern. Their latest single, "How R U?," has this laid back vibe and is a stripped down song focusing on their vocals. With a lack of an obvious sample or an R&B chorus, DijahSB has a bit of a throwback feel, but the song sounds completely 2023. Just to show how the song sounds both vintage and modern, the artists it reminds me the most of are Queen Latifah and Oompa. 

DijahSB says of her song, which tackles the subject of mental health:

"I wrote How R U during the pandemic, it really became a phrase that I began not knowing how to answer anymore so I also stopped asking it, because it felt like no matter what walk of life you came from, you were struggling during that time, and to me it's only gotten worse. So I feel like this song could literally come out between today and 2019 and still have the same impact."

You can watch the visualizer for "How R U?" below. The single is available here. For more on DijahSB, check out the artist's website.

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