Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Girl with a Hawk - "Feel Me"

Photo by Kelly Davidson

Since the untimely passing of Justine Covault back in June, her loss has been felt throughout the Boston music community. Girl with a Hawk were signed to Covault's Red On Red Records, and three out of five members of the band had known her since the 80's, so this loss was particularly difficult for them. Singer Linda Viens took that pain and channeled it into "Feel Me," a song inspired by the loss felt by the entire Boston music community. "Feel Me" is a garage rock meets New Wave song that is much darker than you'd normally expect with a blending of those two genres. Viens is just pouring her heart into this one, and, as much pain as there is in the song, it's also a rock song. So far all of the tributes to Justine Covault that we've covered have been sad and mournful, but they've also rocked, which is the perfect tribute to one of the biggest champions of the Boston music scene.

Linda Viens says of her band's new single:

“I can’t say that we have closure yet; as it has only been six months since we lost Justine, but the way the song for us embodies our heartache, and at the same time confirms that our relationship is still a living thing – whether you believe that or not, brings some comfort. We feel her guiding us, and for me personally, I still feel deeply motivated to make music and to conduct myself in ways that would make her proud. I’m sure the band feels the same way.”

You can listen to "Feel Me" below. The song is officially out on November 17. Keep 'Er Lit is due out December 8 on Rum Bar Records. For more on Girl with a Hawk, check out the artist on Facebook and Instagram. If you're in the Boston area, They're playing The Square Root in Roslindale on Friday November 17 as part of the International Pop Overthrow Boston edition, and they're having an EP release at the Burren in Somerville on December 8.

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  1. Appreciate the kind words and support for "Feel Me" Ken - thanks so much!!