Tuesday, November 14, 2023

First Listen: New Releases and Missed Music for 10 November 2023

Artist: Palm Ghosts
Album: I Love You, Burn in Hell
Quick Thoughts: Palm Ghosts is a band I always like hearing from, and this new album is up there with their best. A solid listen with a lot of super catchy songs (including the title track which is outstanding) and it becomes a cool little indie rock record that's a ton of fun. In what's a slow week, it's worth your time.
Songs of Note: "I Love You, Burn in Hell," "Automatic for the Modern Age," "Enemy Mine"

Artist: Aesop Rock
Album: Integrated Tech Solutions
Quick Thoughts: If I have any musical regrets, it's taking as long as it did for me to get into Aesop Rock. In as much as this has some conceptual feel to it like his recent work, this is just outstanding at the level of how great the individual songs are, never mind how well they work on an album level. "Pigeononmetry" in particular is a highlight, but if I'm being honest this is one of the better rap albums I've heard this year. Definitely excited to get back to this one.
Songs of Note: "Pigeonometry," "Kyanie Toothpick," "100 Feet Tall," "Time Moves Differently Here," "Bermuda," "All City Nerve Map"

Artist: Hit Bargain
Quick Thoughts: In terms of the noisy post-punk stuff of late, Hit Bargain, a side project of sorts from members of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart and Cold Beat, deserves a closer listen. This album is abrasive and political and just works on all levels, and was one I quickly told people about as I listened. Don't miss it.
Songs of Note: "Hair Trigger," "Cloud Cover," "A DOG A DEER A SEAL"

Artist: POM
Album: We Were Girls Together
Quick Thoughts: If Hit Bargain is the post-punk entry, POM provides the under-the-radar shoegaze/dreampop effort you've been looking for this week. So many songs stand out, but what's important is that this European act is fun while still being musically focused, and the result is a really great listen toward the end of the year. Give this some time.
Songs of Note: "A Burning House," "Together We Go," "Exoskeleton," "Red Dress," "RUN," "Deadly Sins"

Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Album: Folkocracy
Quick Thoughts: One of the missed ones this week, and I'm not sure how. I've enjoyed Rufus Wainwright for decades at this point, and this foray into folk is not so much an homage to his father as much as a truly Rufus-sounding folk record. It's a little jarring to not hear the piano up front on this one, but songs like "Down in the Willow Garden" with Brandi Carlisle and "Hush Little Baby" with his siblings more than make up for it. A great listen on a whole.
Songs of Note: "Down in the Willow Garden," "Shenandoah," "Harvest," "Hush Little Baby"

Artist: Astrid Cordes
Album: Hurry Up and Kiss Me While the Baby's Still Asleep
Quick Thoughts: Another one we missed, conceptual in thought but gorgeous in execution. After a series of EPs and a "musical diary" of her pregnancy, Cordes gives us a really great album with folk and country hints throughout, and I loved it. "Male Lead" is catchy as hell in particular, and Astrid Cordes makes sure with this record that she's someone I'll keep paying attention to.
Songs of Note: "Good Time," "Male Lead," "Dancing Cranes," "Heather and Pine"

Of note:

* Goodbye Karelle - Hugh Greene and The Lucies Made Me
* Jeremy Dutcher - Motewolonuwok
* The Buddy System Forever - Welcome to Buddyland
* Djif Sanders - SUPRA
* Misery Prize - Saints of Obscene
* Delia Mashlir - Bring Back the Light
* Bas Jan - Back to the Swamp
* Lila Blue - Sweet Pea
* Whatitdo Archive Group - Palace of a Thousand Sounds
* Aisha Devi - Death is Home
* Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, and Edgar Meyer - As We Speak
* Tyvek - Overground
* The Circling Sun - Spirits
* Stoylov - Malvina
* Pure Bathing Culture - Chalice
* Layperson - Massive Leaning
* Thandii - A Beat to Make It Better
* death's dynamic shroud - Midnight Tangerine
* death's dynamic shroud - Keys to the Gate
* KC Rae - Think I'm Gonna Die
* Bokoya and Gianno Brezzo - Minari
* Moritz Von Oswald - Silencio
* Last Dinosaurs - RYU
* David Holmes and Raven Violet - Blind on a Galloping Horse


* Marathon - Marathon
* DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ - Destextrinum
* Lake Haze - Mind Clarity
* Daneshevskaya - Long is the Tunnel
* Mia Joy - Celestial Mirror
* TVAM - Costasol
* A Tribute to The Strokes: The Songs of Room on Fire
* Mickey Dolenz - Dolenz Sings R.E.M.
* Bokoya and FloFilz - Reaching Out / Stalagtight
* Goldie Boutiller - Emerald Year
* Pearly Drops - Haunted Expansion Pack
* June McDoom - With Strings
* Sara Noelle - Four Songs II
* Roleplay - Tune In

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Cat Power - Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert (Live)
* HAAi - DJ-Kicks
* R.E.M. - Up (25th Anniversary Edition)

Also out:

* Beirut - Hadsel
* 99LETTERS - Zigoku

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