Monday, November 13, 2023

Spring Summer featuring Mac McCaughan - "Holiday Dream"

Typically we get a few holiday song submissions throughout October that I hold on to until after Halloween, but I think this was the first holiday song submission for 2023. Spring Summer, the musical project of Jennifer Furches, has released "Holiday Dream" which features Mac McCaughan of Superchunk on background vocals. This new song is a lovely and quiet holiday song that has the feeling of the quiet during a snowstorm. It's a song of longing more than merriment, but there is still a positive light to "Holiday Dream." It might be the perfect song to gently ease us into the holiday season this year.

Jennifer Furches says of her new single:

“I wanted to make a song about the longing we can feel during the holidays to be with the ones you love or have loved–like a movie that ends happily ever after. There was something about it I felt Mac would connect with and make better: and he did! We have roots in the same place in North Carolina, but have both spent time in New York. There's something so special about New York during the holidays, and this song speaks to those snowy nights in the city with the one person you want to be with the most.”

You can listen to "Holiday Dream" below. For more on Spring Summer, check out the artist on Bandcamp and Instagram.

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