Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Savoir Faire - "Machine with a Dream"

Photo by Sasha Pedro

According to a Facebook post, "Machine with a Dream" is Savoir Faire's "... anthem for women's reproductive rights." The gravity of the topic is reflected in the song. It still has the indie rock guitar heavy with nostalgia sound that we love from the Boston artist, but "Machine with a Dream" has an unexpected 1960's futuristic sound to it, like it could be from a science fiction movie from that period. Unfortunately, the dystopian times we currently find ourselves in is reminiscent of 1960's science fiction, so Savoir Faire's latest isn't as retro as you might think. It's also an eerie song, especially with its backing vocals.

You can watch the Twin Peaks and Blade Runner inspired video for "Machine with a Dream" below. Hopeless Nostalgic is forthcoming. For more on Savoir Faire, check out the artist's website.

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