Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Victoria Bigelow Covers Mazzy Star

Photo by Devan Skaggs

Victoria Bigelow has been compared to Mazzy Star quite a bit in her career. She decided to lean into it with a cover of their immortal track "Fade Into You." Covering such an iconic song can be tricky, but Bigelow pulls it off perfectly. Her love of the song is obvious, but she does change it up slightly. It's a little less dream pop or shoegaze, and instead has more of a rootsy/Americana feel. That's not to say this is a folk version of "Fade Into You," but she does inject a little bit of twang into the song. As someone who considers the original an example of a perfect song, Victoria Bigelow delivers a fantastic rendition.

Victoria Bigelow says of 

“I’m a huge Mazzy Star fan and Hope Sandoval is one of my most important musical influences. The decision to cover this song was a last minute thing but it feels all too serendipitous with this year being the 30th anniversary of So Tonight That I Might See. It was produced by my husband, Devan Skaggs, and we recorded it at our home studio in the desert. We really wanted to remain true to the original while making it as much of an expression of me as possible. I only hope I was able to do such a perfect, timeless song justice.”

You can watch the video for Victoria Bigelow's version of "Fade Into You" below. It is available now via Immortal Records. For more on Victoria Bigelow, check out the artist's website.

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