Wednesday, November 15, 2017

QWAM - "Doggy Door"

Photo by Karen Sophia Colon
Brooklyn's QWAM is set to release their debut EP in January, but right now we can listen to the first single, "Doggy Door." From the frantic opening of drum stick rattling, "Doggy Door" is an energetic thrash of a song. It's definitely punk while being on the slightly more mainstream side of the genre, but without being "pop punk" in the slightest. The mainstream description might be attributed to the Pennywise style "Whoah-oh-oh" chant along chorus, even though the whole song feels more like The Gits than 90's Warped Tour style punk. Plus, they throw in a disjointed guitar solo at the end that is discordantly beautiful.

You can listen to "Doggy Door" below. QWAM's debut EP, Feed Me, will be out sometime in January. You can pre-order the EP now through Bandcamp. For more on QWAM, check them out on Facebook.

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