Thursday, November 30, 2017

Brief Candles - Retreater

I owe everyone an apology. The latest full length from Milwaukee's Brief Candles has been out for over a month, and I'm just letting you all know about it now. I know with some of my reviews I can drop the pretend professional journalist act and be a little over gushy. With Retreater I'm worried I'm not going to be gushy enough. It's just that good. The album starts off with "A Way Around," a lighter, bouncier shoegaze song that owes as much to 90's alternative power pop as it does anything. That leads into "Appearances," which is more discordant and with chuggier guitars, but still retains the same spirit. The third song, "Tiramusi," is more traditionally shoegaze, but does that by ramping up the noise and aggression factor. These three songs embody what is great about this album. None of the songs truly sound alike, but they all build off each other to make a cohesive unit. You're going to end up loving this.

You can listen to "A Way Around" below. Brief Candle's new(ish) album, Retreater, is available now. You can get your copy via Bandcamp. For more on Brief Candles, check them out on Facebook.

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