Thursday, October 29, 2020

Descendents - Suffrage

Remember earlier this month when we brought you RebUke, a three song EP of anti-Trump protest songs from Milo Aukerman recorded on ukulele because he wanted to get those songs out faster than he could with the Descendents? Well... we now have two of those three songs recorded with the band! Suffrage is a new two song single from the Descendents that includes the two songs "On You" and "Hindsight 2020." This time the anger in Milo's lyrics and vocals is matched by the music. The Descendents have never truly been an overtly political band, but on Suffrage they go all out with politics. There's no questioning what they mean with lyrics like "#MAGA MAGA / What a fucking joke."

You can watch the lyric video for "On You" below. Suffrage is available now via Epitaph Records here. For more on the Descendents, check out their website/Tumblr.

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