Monday, October 19, 2020

Prateek - "All the Stars"

Photo by Colette Auger

Considering Prateek's latest single is a straightforward song that leans towards the mainstream side of that genre, it's incredibly hard to categorize. It starts off with what sounds like steel guitar, so right away you're going to think Prateek has gone country. But "All the Stars" isn't country. Except when it is. The country side of the song fades out and then back in throughout the song and a more traditional modern folk sound takes over. This is what's great and unique about "All the Stars": It's not a country/folk song. It's a country song and a folk song. With his newest single, Prateek has truly outdone himself and truly deserves our attention.

You can listen to "All the Stars" below. You can find the single via your preferred streaming service here. For more on Prateek, check out his website.

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