Friday, April 10, 2015

Murder Shoes - "Maybe You Can"

Photo credit: Aaron Fenster
Murder Shoes are described as "surf" in their profile. Maybe this is what surfing sounds like in their hometown of Minneapolis, MN, because this sounds nothing like any surf I've ever heard before. That's a good thing. While they might have a slight surf rock base, they also bring in elements of 60s French pop, indie rock, gothic rockabilly, and just a hint of the shoegaze trend that's been taking over Minnesota lately. "Maybe You Can" showcases Tess Weinberg's haunting vocals being surrounded by this out of control, swirling rock track. It's a bunch of stuff we've all heard before, but never put together like this. It's both familiar and strikingly unique.

Murder Shoes' debut self-titled EP is due out May 1 on Land Ski Records. You can find out more information on their website. You can listen to "Maybe You Can" below, and check out their Bandcamp to pre-order.

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