Friday, April 3, 2015

Brown Bird - "Bannerman"

With their final album coming out April 25, Brown Bird have released the first single, "Bannerman." As with anything Brown Bird related, it's very bittersweet since, with Dave Lamb's passing, this will be it. It's hard to tell if "Bannerman" is as haunting as it is on it's own, or if this information influences the vibe of the song, but this song will just stick into your brain stem for days after hearing it. It's full of Brown Bird's standard Eastern European infused folk, but with this dark, mysterious vibe caused by an almost swirling guitar. It's this very unique direction that I haven't heard in folk before, giving it just the slightest hint of shoegaze without fuzz, if that's possible. I have heard that Axis Mundi will reflect some of Dave Lamb and MorganEve Swain's more metal influences. Maybe this darkness is just a preview of that.

Axis Mundi is due out April 25, and is available for preorder through their Bandcamp page, and listen to "Bannerman" below. You can also check out their website for any more Brown Bird related news, including MorganEve Swain's new project, The Huntress.

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