Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Freebie: De La Soul - For Your Pain & Suffering

This week Friday Freebie is back with the long awaited return of De La Soul! It's been far too long since we've had anything new from De La, so we couldn't be more thrilled with this free teaser EP for their upcoming Kickstarter funded album.

The four song EP starts off with a skit, "The Devil Likes Candy." Sometime in the early 90s I became completely fed up with hip hop skits, but now 20 years later it invokes more of an "Aww" in nostalgia form. "Trainwreck" is by far the highlight of the EP. It shows that De La Soul might be at the top of their game right now. It's more serious and less silly than some of their more vintage work, but they're also 25 years older now and should probably be more serious. Plus, there's horns and actual hip hop choruses, and not just an R&B hook. It's funny when 30 year old techniques seem so fresh. "Beautiful Night" does have an R&B chorus, but it feels more organic than the usual shoehorned in version you've been hearing since Puff Daddy took over the world of rap. "Schoolyard Studios" isn't quite a skit, but it is skit adjacent. But it's two brand new songs for free from De La Soul, so no complaining here.

Download your own free copy of For Your Pain & Suffering here. You can also listen below. The full length, And The Anonymous Nobody, will be released on August 26. Be sure to check out De La Soul's website for any more information.

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