Friday, April 8, 2016

Lonesome Shack - "To the Floor"

Photo by Sarah Garrard
Lonesome Shack delivers completely stripped down dirty blues that has an undeniable boogie to it. The Seattle trio is set to release their fourth album, The Switcher, and has made "To the Floor" available to listen.

"To the Floor" is a raw, foreboding song. It just has this dark edge to it. It could be because the entire time you listen to it, you keep expecting it to just explode into this complete breakdown, like a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion album would. But it never does. It just keeps building and building to a climax that never truly comes, all without changing tempo. You wait for a release that you never get. It's both frustrating and glorious. And you can somehow dance to it.

The Switcher will be released on June 24. You can listen to "To the Floor" below. For more information on Lonesome Shack, check out their website

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