Monday, April 11, 2016

Surgical Meth Machine - "I Don't Wanna"

Al Jourgensen has put together roughly a thousand bands in his multi-decade career, so what's one more? His newest is Surgical Meth Machine. Surgical Meth Machine combines the heavy industrial that Jourgensen is best known for, but also includes a lot more electronic elements than usual. The first song released is "I Don't Wanna," which might be the biggest clusterfuck of noise that will be released in 2016. With industrial beats, squelching guitars, and pure electronic noise, it sounds like maybe three songs being blasted all together, but with Jourgensen involved, that's exactly what you want it to sound like. Plus, the song features vocals from Jourgensen's Lard and Revolting Cocks bandmate Jello Biafra for an adult level temper tantrum.

Surgical Meth Machine's debut album is due out April 15. You can watch the video for "I Don't Wanna" below. For more information, check out Al Jourgensen's website.

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