Friday, April 15, 2016

Grave School - "Eugene, OR"

Grave School's "Eugene, OR" will be the best short song you hear all year. The video clocks in at 2:06, but about 30 seconds of that takes place before the music kicks in. For the minute and a half that the song lasts, it's pure catchy 90s inspired pop rock. It reminds me a ton of whitechocolatespaceegg era Liz Phair meets The Anniversary. It's raw, and confessional, with swirling jangly guitars, and just as you decide you love the song and are dying for the second verse, it's all over. 

"Eugene, OR" is the fourth installment of The Native Sound Private Press Series. You have until April 18th to order a 7" of your very own. After that, no more orders will be taken, and it will never be reprinted. You'll also get a download of Grave School's EP, so just hearing more from these guys might make it worth it. You can order your own copy here. For more on Grave School, you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Also, Grave School features Gina from Sheer, who we've already babbled on about back in the fall.

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