Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tyler Jordan and the Negative Space - "Ballerina"

Austin's Tyler Jordan and the Negative Space occupy a space that fits right into our wheelhouse here at If It's Too Loud...: They have a classic, Americana rock sound that's reminiscent of Tom Petty, but they blend it with the laid back indie rock of bands like Pavement. Their debut single, "Ballerina," was produced by members of another of our current musical obsessions, Big Thief. "Ballerina" is a pretty straightforward rock song, with just enough slight quirks, a killer riff that goes throughout, and quite possibly the most epic false ending of the year. It's pretty much a guaranteed favorite song for anyone who reads this site with any regularity.

You can listen to "Ballerina" below. For more information on Tyler Jordan and the Negative Space, check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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