Monday, April 4, 2016

Kino Kimino - "Passion"

Kino Kimino is a supergroup, of sorts. It's a project featuring singer Kim Talon and Melinda Holm on bass, neither of which I am familiar with. But, it features Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley formerly of Sonic Youth on guitar and drums, and that will always get my attention. Their first song, "Passion," is this really interesting mix of sugary sweet, almost pop vocals and Lee Ranaldo's guitar with Steve Shelley's drumming, giving it a Sonic Youth Tries to Go Pop sound. Of course, it can't be too mainstream sounding with a chorus of "Passion is a mashed potato of my love."

Kino Kimino's debut album, Bait is for Sissies, is due out June 3rd on My Favorite Chords. You can watch the video for "Passion" below. For more information on Kino Kimino, head over to their website.

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