Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Elle Mary & The Bad Men - "Behave"

The two genres we cover the most tend to be indie rock and modern folk. Knowing that, Elle Mary & The Bad Men is an absolute perfect choice for us. Elle Mary previously was a folk artist, but for her band's debut album, the sound has shifted to what she calls "heavy noir." "Behave" is a break up song (in fact, the whole album was written in response to a break up, chronically the grief and moving on process), and is written directly to an ex-lover. It starts off in pretty standard indie rock singer-songwriter territory, albeit the top tier of that genre. And then the anger and louder side comes barreling in for just pure perfection. If I were to compare this song to anyone we cover regularly, it would be Lady Lamb, with it's loud/quiet/loud changes.

You can listen to "Behave" below. Elle Mary & The Bad Men's debut album, Constant Unfailing Night, will be out October 20 on Sideways Saloon. For more on Elle Mary & The Men, check out their website.

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