Friday, September 8, 2017

Mourn Covers The Replacements

This has been a very covers heavy week at If It's Too Loud..., but we consider that to be a great thing. Barcelona's garage punk band Mourn have a new EP coming out today (maybe?), and it features a version of The Replacements' "Color Me Impressed." Mourn's version somehow does two seemingly separate things at once: It's both noisier and more poppy. It might be since while there is a lot more noise behind the song, it's a far more produced and polished version than the original. Plus, they speed it up just a bit more. It keeps the song their own while still being true to the original. Sure, it may not have the same raw power as The Replacements version, but this one is just pure pop punk fun.

You can hear Mourn's cover of "Color Me Impressed" below. You can pick up your own copy of their new EP, Over the Wall, here. For more on Mourn, check them out on Facebook.

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