Friday, September 1, 2017

Weakened Friends w/ J Mascis - "Hate Mail"

Photo via Facebook
Over the past couple of years, Weakened Friends have played with a bunch of 90's era Boston area bands, with opening slots for Letters to Cleo, Juliana Hatfield, and The Sheila Divine. On their latest single, their loyalty is repaid with J Mascis coming in to play guitar on "Hate Mail." Having J Mascis play on your song is a huge burst of cred for Weakened Friends, but they've definitely earned it. Hearing Mascis' trademark guitar sound reigned in a bit over Weakened Friends' more pop-filled 90's tinged alternative sound is a great mixture. Mascis uses his more laid back style of guitar playing on the song, and even though it's a relatively faster song than you'd expect with that style, it works perfectly. I had heard of this pairing earlier in the week, and couldn't get to today's release fast enough.

You can listen to "Hate Mail" below. Weakened Friends debut album will be out sometime in the fall. For more on Weakened Friends, check out their website.

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