Friday, September 1, 2017

Kay Hanley and Greg Behrendt Have a Podcast

I already listen to far too many podcasts, and I try to do everything I can to avoid adding any more to my subscribe to list. Every now and then, one pops up that I have to start listening to despite already being about two months behind. Recently, comedian/musician Greg Behrendt and musician Kay Hanley have joined forces on a podcast dedicated to one of my favorite things, rock documentaries. Greg Behrendt started podcasting way back in 2010 with Walking the Room, is a member of The Reigning Monarchs, and is an avid music fan. Kay Hanley is the singer of Letters to Cleo, and while new to the world of podcasting has always been great in an interview or anytime she gets to talk into a microphone. The podcast is called Rock Out With Your Doc Out and is currently three episodes in. The pair have done a fairly wide variety of subjects so far. Episode #1 was Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, #2 was The Wrecking Crew about the anonymous session musicians that played on every album from the 1960's that you love, and #3 The Dicks From Texas about The Dicks, an early punk band from Austin, TX. Episode #1 is fairly rough, so if you're short on time you might want to skip that one unless you're a huge Rush fan. By #2 and #3, Hanley and Behrendt have settled down a bit and these episodes are far more entertaining.

You can get Rock Out With Your Doc Out on iTunes or your preferred podcast provider. You can find some more information on the podcast here, or their Twitter.

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