Monday, September 4, 2017

Sara Radle Covers Dolly Parton

Photo via Facebook
I first discovered Sara Radle way back in 2005 when she joined The Rentals. I loved her contributions to that band so much I started picking up her solo work, and even went back to her previous band, Lucy Loves Schroeder. She's been taking a break from music lately to focus on her first film, but she's now back and dipping her toes into the music world again.

Even though she originally hails from San Antonio, she's never dabbled in country music before. Her newest project is going to lean a little on the country side of things, and she recently launched a YouTube series called "Sara Serenades Her Cats." The first in the series is Radle covering Dolly Parton's "Little Sparrow." It's a fantastic and simple cover, and I think you all know how we feel about covers here at If It's Too Loud... Plus, there's a cat in the video, and that's always a plus.

You can watch the video for Sara Radle's take on "Little Sparrow" below. For more on Sara Radle, check out her website

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